Examination Malpractices and Students’ Poor Performance in Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations in Nigeria


This study adopts the theoretical research design to review issues in examination malpractices as they influence students' poor performance in Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations in Nigeria. The result of the study reveals among others that Examination malpractices have long graduated from the normal 'giraffe' at neighbours' work, using key points notes, textbooks, copying on sheets of papers referred to as 'micro-chips', or copying on desks also known as 'desktop publishing', to a more advanced and more organized system of buying question papers from examination bodies or corrupt bank officials entrusted with the safe-keeping of the examination question papers. Examination malpractices in Nigeria have attained a frightening proportion, they are sophisticated and institutionalized. Efforts by government administrations and stakeholders in the educational sector to curtail the ugly trend have not yielded any good result. As a tool of discipline to curtail the ugly trend of examination malpractices among others, the penalties for culprits should be made to cover all categories of offenders, be it the candidate, teacher, lecturer, school administrator, parents or guardian. In addition, the remuneration for examination supervisors and invigilators should be reviewed upwards and such remuneration should be promptly paid to prevent them from being tempted to get involved in the rather lucrative 'business’ of examination malpractices