There are several different types of Nigerian Education Data available from national and international sources. These include:

1. National sources for Indicators and publications: containing summaries of educational data and reports.

2. National Household Surveys.  As well as surveys such as the Nigeria Education Survey that are specifically designed to collect information on Education there are also many more general surveys that contain education indicators. Note that while these surveys provide a lot of useful data they are generally designed to report at National or Zonal level and rarely provide reliable estimates for smaller geographical units. Information on most Nigerian household surveys can be found in the Nigerian National Data Archive) .

EDOREN has conducted a review of the National Household Surveys discussing the comparability of the different surveys and their limitations.

Relevant Household Surveys include:

3. Administrative data: The main source of Administrative data on Education are the various Annual School Censuses. These collect data from Schools rather than households and the data collected can be broken down much more finely because they are a census rather than a survey. However coverage is not always total and varies from yaer to year and state to state. More information on administrative data can be found here.

An alternative source of administrative data is the Nigeria MDG Information System maintained by the presidency.

In addition to the National sources there are also several International data sources these include:

Finally a lot of educational data is gathered by donor partners involved in educational projects in Nigeria. One example is the Composite survey conducted by the ESSPIN project.