Teachers’ Perception on New Restructured 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) in Ekiti- State, Nigeria


This study sought to determine the teachers’ perception on new restructured 9-year BEC in Ekiti State, Nigeria especially with respect to the teachers’ awareness and availability of the curriculum. A sample of 720 respondents comprises Principals, Headmasters and Teachers in public primary and junior secondary schools were selected through stratified random sampling technique. Respondents selected covered all subjects offered in 9-year BEC. The major instrument for this study was a researcher-structured questionnaire titled “Teachers’ Perception on New Restructured 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum (TPNR9YBEC)” were used for data collection. The questionnaire was validated by experts in Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council, Abuja for vetting so as to determine its appropriateness, relevance and clarity and the relevant reliability co-efficient was established. Data collected were analyzed using mean score for research questions. A mean score of 2.5 & above is considered adequate, t-test statistic was used to analyze the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. The findings revealed that teachers aware about 9-year BEC in Ekiti State and it was not available for proper implementation to meet the mandate of the curriculum. The finding also revealed that there is no significant difference in the awareness and availability of the curriculum in Urban and Rural primary and junior secondary schools in Ekiti State. The t-calculated of 1.47 is lesser than the tcritical value of 1.96 at 0.05 level of significance therefore the teachers’ perception was not different in urban and rural. These findings were discussed with far reaching implications and recommendations were made among others that there should be a general awareness campaign on the 9-year BEC to teachers. This could be achieved through seminars and workshops. Conclusively, it can be concluded that much still needs to be done for effective implementation of the 9-year BEC curriculum in Nigeria at large.