Determining the causes for the exodus of technical teachers from teaching in technical and vocational institutions to other jobs in Katsina State, Nigeria


The study aimed to determine the causes for the exodus of technical teachers from teaching in TVET to other jobs in Katsina State, Nigeria. For convenience of data collection, research questions were formulated.The survey questionnaire was developed with 15 items and used to question technical education administrators, technical education principals/vice principals and technical teachers in TVET institutions who constituted the sample. A total of 10 TVET institutions were selected randomly and purposefully to acquire the data. The instruments were distributed among 170 TVET teachers. A total of 138 instruments were returned and analyzed using Statistical Analysis Software (SAS). Descriptive statistics, including frequencies, WA and percentages, were used to analyze the data. The research findings revealed that some of the major causes of TVET teachers leaving the teaching profession for other jobs were lack of appreciation by the Government for job well done, better condition of service in the private sectors and inadequate equipment and working tools for projects in TVET institutions. Based on the findings, the study recommends: to provide job satisfaction, arrange adequate instructional materials, equipment and working tools, enhance the social statuses of the TVET teachers, develop curriculum by emphasizing hands-on practice rather than theory, solve the problem of electricity. Finally, the welfare of TVET teachers should be taken utterly, their salaries, allowances, promotions etc. should be promptly attended to. Also, improve admiration by the State and Local Government of Katsina State and the general public to stimulate the interest of students in TVET.