User Fees and Demand for Private Schooling in Bayelsa State, Nigeria


The study examined the user fees and demand issues in private schooling in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Using the derived average fees paid through receipts in first term, 2010/2011 academic session from sampled schools, it was found that average user fees for low cost private pre-primary school was N15,500 Naira ($99 US Dollars), high cost private pre-primary was N41,500 Naira ($263 US Dollars), low cost private primary school was N25,500 ($162 US Dollars), high cost primary school was N71,500 ($455 US Dollars) while that of low cost Junior Secondary School was N37,500 ($239 US Dollars) and that of high cost private Junior Secondary School was N122,000 ($777 US Dollars) (US$ = N15,700 [May 2012]). However, subsequent terms‟ fee may be slightly reduced as cost of item such as registration fee is paid for once in the three terms that make up an academic session. The demand for private school at these levels of education were found to be increasing as a result of low quality of public schools, inadequate infrastructure, problem of teacher absenteeism and lack of teacher commitment. It concluded that the cost and demand for private schooling will continue to increase because of the perceived benefits of education as a primary means of human capital development and breaking out of poverty circle in the developing economy.