Teachers Motivation on Students Performance in Mathematics in Government Secondary Schools, Makurdi Lg Area


One of the important factors in realizing educational objectives in mathematics as a subject is the role of the teachers` motivation within the educational set up. The negative performance of student towards an educational aims and objectives could be associated to the low motivation of teachers most especially in the area of mathematics. The general objective of this study is to examine the effect of teachers` motivation on students` performance in mathematics. This study adopted both descriptive research design, the research design in this study used an ex post factor research design. The study population comprised of the teachers in four different government schools in Makurdi local government area Makurdi. The study used a self-administered questionnaire to collect data from 100 teachers who were selected by the use of simple random sampling while the four schools were selected through purposive sampling. The study results revealed that majority of the teachers (61.0%) under study are not satisfied with their condition of service. Three quarter of teachers (75.0%) under study are not satisfied with the fringe benefits attached to their salaries while majority of the respondents (66.0%) are not satisfied with the condition of service of teachers. It was observed that the condition of service of teachers, teachers` Fringe benefit payment, and teachers` promotion of in-service training have a direct influence on the student`s performance in mathematics.