Teacher Preparation and Availability for Achieving Basic Education in Ondo State, Nigeria


The study examined teacher preparation and availability for achieving basic education in Ondo State, Nigeria. As a descriptive survey, the study population comprised all the 1154 primary and 281 junior secondary schools in Ondo State, Nigeria. Out of this population, a sample of 578 primary schools and 141 junior secondary schools was taken and selected through the stratified random sampling technique. The instrument used to collect data for the study was an inventory while the data collected were analyzed using percentages. The findings revealed that the level of teacher preparation for the Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Ondo State, Nigeria was low. It was also found that teachers were not adequately available for the Universal Basic Education programme. The number of teachers in post did not match the teacher quota in the schools. On the basis of the findings, it was concluded that the Ondo State, Nigeria has not been fully prepared for the Universal Basic Education programme. Teacher preparation has not been fully embarked upon in the State. Considering the findings, it was recommended that the State Government should recruit more teachers into the primary and junior secondary schools in the State to enable the pupils achieve permanent literacy and numeracy and the ability to communicate effectively. Teachers should also be allowed to attend seminars and in-service training to enable them to acquire more skills and competence in their job performance.