Teacher Policies and Practices for EFA in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Uganda Synthesis Report


The synthesis report summarises the main findings and conclusions of the four case studies of teacher education policies in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa (SA), and Uganda. In particular, it explores similarities and differences, challenges and successful strategies with respect to teacher education and development across the four countries. Section 1 provides a review of the methodology, limitations of the study and reasons for selecting each case study country. Following this, Section 2 gives an overview of the four case study countries, considering their diverse socio-economic background and educational environment. Section 3 examines the educational policy and structure of teacher education in the case study countries. This is followed by a chapter-by-chapter analysis of policies relating to teacher education in each country, examining the strategies pertaining to recruitment, training, retention and restructuring of the teacher education environment. The report also discusses issues of sustainability and impact, and in order to draw conclusions of wider relevance to the global teacher education context, the case study findings are cross-referenced with broader international findings. The report finally seeks to draw conclusions on lessons learned in the last section.