Teacher Development Needs Analysis


This paper reports on a study into the professional working knowledge of teachers in Nigeria. Teachers in five ESSPIN States (Kwara 1 , Lagos, Jigagwa, Kano and Kaduna) were subjected to a number of tasks designed to profile their knowledge in the subject areas of primary mathematics and primary literacy, their proficiencies in reading materials that may be used for the preparation of lessons and their abilities to write notes that may be used in the preparation of lesson schemes, or in teaching, such as those that might be used on the chalkboard. Further, the teachers were assessed for their abilities to add up marks on class tests, turn raw scores into averages and percentages, and read and comment on bar charts containing information on children’s learning achievements so as to monitor the learning progression of individual or groups of students and to use a mark scheme that they are given to assess students’ work so that they can identify the areas in which children need help and identify weaker from stronger learner