Relationship between Universal Basic Education Training and Teachers’ Quality in Public Primary Schools in Nigeria


The study is a correlation study that unveiled the relationship between UBE training and teachers’ quality in , Nigerian Public primary schools using Kwara State as a case study. It was the State that championed education reform in the country. All the 24 members of State School Improvement Team (SSIT) and 50 members of Quality Assurance Bureau (QAB) constituted by the Kwara State Government were used as samples..The Questionnaire tagged UBE Training and Teachers Quality Questionnaire (UTTQ) was used. Three (3) research hypotheses raised were analyzed using Pearson Product Moment Correlation and chi-square statistics. The findings of the study were: that there was a significant relationship between SUBEB training workshop and teachers’ quality; a significant relationship between training resources and quality of workshop training organized by State Universal Education Board (SUBEB), but there was no significant difference between the perceptions of SSIT and QAB on teachers’ quality in Kwara State. However, the programme was not without its attendant challenges which include: delayed and inadequate supply of the training materials and poor remuneration of the trainers and trainees. It was suggested that more funds should be committed to the training programme, training materials supplied promptly and adequately. Indeed, training and re-training of teachers is a sine qua non for quality teaching in schools.