Reforms in Special Education for Optimum Educational Attainment by Persons with Special Needs for National Sustainability.


This paper attempts a discourse on reforms in special education for optimum educational attainment by persons with special needs for national sustainability. The paper is of the view that there is need for reformation of special education to enable persons with special needs have access to optimum education. The paper makes it clear that several attempts were made to reform special education in the past, yet the impact remains obscure. This is due to the inadequacy of personnel in the field of special education, insufficient assistive technology to support the special educational set up in the teaching-learning process and research as well as lack of special budgetary allocation in favour of special education amongst others. The paper reiterates the need to reform special education by addressing the challenges of manpower, assistive technology and funding as pre-requisites to the realization of the goals of special needs education and conclusion was drawn.