The Quality of Teacher Education in Nigeria


The main aim of this paper was to contribute to the ongoing debate on the reform of teacher education as it affects the Faculties of Education in Nigerian universities.The findings of the NUC study on the teaching skills of Education graduates produced in the last ten years was the spring-board for the paper. Part of the findings was a "no strength" verdict on this category of teachers. The paper critically examined the findings and the recommendations of the study against the background of a possible new benchmark for the Faculties of Education. Part of the recommendations were the reduction of Education course loads in favour of teaching subject loads, increase of teaching practice duration from 6 to 12 weeks,more time for student research methods, and scrapping of specialised courses. A critical appraisal of these recommendations however showed that the problem bothers more on management than the curriculum and the weaknesses of the lower levels. It was therefore recommended among others, that though teaching subject loads need to increase and Education may be less, other teaching skills need better attention and Case Study Supervision was suggested. The Faculties should also be more proactive.