NCNE Achievements


This report contains a detailed account of all the activities undertaken by the National Commission for Nomadic Education from January to December, 2012 with a specific emphasis on its achievements and constraints. The report provides an insight into programmes and activities carried out during the year, reflecting on the outcomes and impact of the work carried out and on how to strategically re-position the organization and staff for better performance in the coming years. During the year, the Commission has recorded some modest achievements despite its lean financial resources. The achievements were contingent on the support received from the Federal Ministry of Education, States, Local Governments, University-Based Nomadic Education Centres, and nomadic communities. Our partnership arrangement with non-governmental organizations and international development partners, such as the Pastoral Resolve (PARE), UNESCO, APESS, UNICEF, etc who also facilitated some of the successes attained. The Commission shall continue to place emphasis on the implementation of quality programmes towards the achievements of Universal Basic Education (UBE), Education For All (EFA) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Nigeria. This report also provides as background information, themandate and vision and mission statements, goals, and broad policies and programme thrusts of the National Commission for Nomadic Education. The National Commission for Nomadic Education (NCNE) was established in December, 1989 by the NCNE Act (Cap 243 LFN) to provide quality basic and functional education to the nomads in Nigeria, geared towards the attainment of national and global goals.