Mobilising for the Millennium Development Goals (M4M): Local Drivers of Change Jigawa and Miga LGA


This Local Drivers of Change study (L-DoC) outlines the findings from the political economy assessments of Jigawa and Miga LGA. This is a stand-alone study which has been conducted as a part of the assessments undertaken during the inception phase of M4M. This document should remain live, and will be updated on an annual basis to reflect new findings which are relevant to the delivery of M4M in Jigawa and Miga. The assessment process has generated considerable data, not all of which has been presented here. This data will be used in the delivery and planning of the programme, and can be made available to DFID or to other programmes on request. The report starts with a brief outline of development and sector trends and indicators in Jigawa, before discussing some of the key institutional and governance features and issues in State-local government relations, within the political economy of LGAs, and in the key MDG sectors to be considered for the M4M. The final sections in this chapter provide the detailed sector assessments for Miga local government area.