Kwara State Annual School Census Report 2011-2012


Annual School Census 2011/2012 was conducted in March 2012. It contains information on Pre- Primary, Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary Schools, Agency for Mass Education, and Tertiary Institutions in the State. It is interesting that more schools were captured at the Pre- Primary, Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools, though the problem associated with capturing private schools still persists. Generally however, response was high close to 99% but we discovered that about 25% of the forms were either not completed or wrongly filled. Thus, they were returned for proper completion before the conclusion of data entry. Overall enrolment has increased across the Pre- Primary, Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Levels. The gender gap is however still relatively steady, that is about 49% Female and 51% Male. A detail study of the Census result however shows that while the girl child forms 50% at the pre- primary, it falls to 48% in primary, 47% in Junior secondary and 45% in senior secondary. There is a general improvement in the enrolment of children with special needs at both primary and secondary school levels by 31% and 71% respectively. The percentage of qualified teachers in public primary school schools (87%) is higher than that of the private schools (72.5%). These percentages are however lower than what obtained last year which was 86% and 91% respectively. Pupil-teacher ratio by subject by LGEA and Student subject teacher ratio by LGEA were captured for Junior and Senior Secondary School. Provision of furniture, toilets portable water, background and first aid kit in public primary schools have improved to last year. New tables and indicators were included in this year report.