The Impact of Economic Crisis on Biology Curriculum Delivery in Delta State College of Physical Education, Mosogar, Nigeria


The study which adopted survey design examined the impact of economic crisis on biology curriculum delivery in Delta State College of Physical Education Mosogar. The population of the study which was stratified into three comprises bursary staff, biology department staff and the students in the biology department. Random sampling technique was used to select ten staff from the bursary and biology departments while fifty students were selected from the biology department. The instrument used for data collection was questionnaire which sought to find out if the current economic crisis has affected the rate of government allocation and the ways this has affected the biology curriculum delivery. A four point modified likert-type scale was used to score the items on the questionnaire. The data generated from the questionnaire were analysed using percentage. The findings revealed that the current economic crisis has led to a drop in government allocation to the college and this has negatively affected the biology curriculum delivery. It was concluded that government and biology teachers should diversify their revenue base and be prudent in spending their hard earned allocation and income. Consequently, it was recommended that rational attempt should be made by key players in the biology department of the college to maximize whatever is allocated to them by the government as well as embrace improvisation where and when necessary.