An Evaluation of Teachers’ Service Delivery in Nigeria: Measures for Programme Accountability and Improvement


The recruitment and retention of quality teachers is not only beneficial for social transformation but also for a sustainable economic growth of Nigeria. That explains why there is need for continuous evaluation of the performance of the teachers who themselves are products of teacher education programmes in the country. This paper is set out to evaluate teachers’ service delivery in Lagos State and proffer strategies to make teachers’ evaluation a regular exercise, for proficiency. A sample of 270 respondents made up of teachers and local education officers was employed. Questionnaires were sent to the respondents to seek their opinions on this issue. The data was analyzed using a combination of qualitative and quantitative method. Respondents are of the opinion that there are a lot of constraints with regards to teachers’ service delivery in most of the schools in Lagos State. The authors suggest that effective evaluators need to be appointed for a regular check of teachers’ activities in the schools.