Constraints in Teacher Education and Effects on Teaching and Learning of Home Economics in Primary Schools


Education is the key to successful or unsuccessful development of any nation. Rao (2008) noted that education gives the unity and solidarity of all existence, works for the happiness and welfare of all beings, and frees from disputations and contradictions, upholding the vision of harmony and tolerance. Based on this, there is need for quality teachers through which educational standards can be raised for effective manpower development. Primary education being the foundational level, upon which other educational levels are built, requires quality teachers for a sound educational background for children. Producing quality teachers requires every thing necessary to be provided. However, studies have shown that there are constraints in the production of quality teachers for primary schools. Therefore, this paper examined some of these constraints and recommended possible steps to be taken to improve the quality of teachers for effective teaching of home economics in primary schools. Some recommendations made included,(1) making adequate equipment and facilities available for effective teaching, (2) adequate funds to be made available for effective running of Colleges of Education, (3) review and update of entering requirements into teacher education programmes, (4) special screening tests to be conducted by Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, etc.