The Almajiri Model Schools In Nigeria: Matters Arising


Purpose/Aims: There are estimated nine and a half million indigent children on the streets begging for alms, known as almajiri, in the northern part of Nigeria. These children constitute an army of helpless minors, lacking adequate care and education. With very little hope for the future, these children often become instruments of violence for those looking to perpetrate such acts. The plight of the almajiri has recently attracted the attention of federal and state governments with the establishment of special schools geared towards providing these children with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to contribute to national development. Though laudable, a number of critical challenges have yet to be addressed and stand to hinder the success of this initiative. Methodology/Procedures: this paper used a deductive approach to arrive at conclusion. Results: This paper contends that the policy falls short of philosophical tenets of elimination of ambiguity, coherence, consistency and rationality which could render otiose the aim of the initiative. Conclusion: Recommendations are offered based on the challenges discussed with the intent of enabling the nation to show sensitivity to the principle of fairness.