Joy-Telu Hamilton-Ekeke's research experience has been wonderful though stressful and very tedious. It actually started in Britain in 2005 while she was doing her doctoral program. She had the first six of her publications in Britain before returning to Nigeria in 2010. Ever since Joy-Telu has been researching in Nigeria and disseminating her findings in local and international conferences and also publishing same in National and International Journals. Joy-Telu's greatest challenge is funding as all her researches have been self funded. Another challenge is the absence of a unified educational research guideline like you have in Britain British Educational Research Association (BERA) research guideline which is updated periodically to guide the conduct of educational research and the writing of publishable articles in education. If a committee of experts in education could be set up to draft a guideline that will unify educational research across the different research interest in education it will go a long way to harmonize the conduct of research in education. Also workshop training on research methods especially mixed method as most researches in Nigeria are quantitative method using questionnaire. There are array of research methods and instruments. Another challenge is in the area of data analysis e.g. accessibility of SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science).


Educational Reforms in Nigeria: for Who and Why?, Mbachu, C.E., and Hamilton-Ekeke Joy-Telu , Journal of Educational Research and Review, Volume 1, Issue 3, p.27-33, (2013)