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Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Teaching English though English: Exploring Anxiety in Non-native Pre-service ESL Teachers

Authors Yoon, T.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the sources of foreign language anxiety experienced by non-native pre-service ESL teachers (NNPSET) in licensure program. 52 pre-service ESL teachers enrolled in a public university in Seoul, South... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

The Teacher Matters: Strategies for Making the Teaching Profession More Relevant in Nigerian Educational System

Authors Aluede, O.

This paper is premised on the fact that education is an instrument for social change. It is the only known weapon that can combat poverty. In this regard, this paper examined the concepts of education and teaching, the importance and the... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Private Cost Analysis of Pre-School Education in Nigerian Private Schools

Authors Olubor, R.O.

Since research has shown that high quality preschool education is associated with improved school readiness, better school performance, higher graduation rates, lower crime and delinquency and decreased welfare dependency then it is worth knowing... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Teachers’ Quality and Internal Efficiency in Primary Schools in Ekiti State, Nigeria

This paper examined teachers’ quality and internal efficiency of primary schools in Ekiti State, Nigeria. As an expo facto and descriptive research, the study population comprised all the 694 primary schools in the State. Out of this, a sample of... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

Book Maintenance Practice among Primary School Pupils in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

The role of textbook is vital in language learning. Hence, teachers, parents, school administrators, proprietors, government and other stakeholders attach importance to the provision of prescribed textbooks in school. English language dominates... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2008

The Quality of Teacher Education in Nigeria

Authors Ijaiya, N.Y.S.

The main aim of this paper was to contribute to the ongoing debate on the reform of teacher education as it affects the Faculties of Education in Nigerian universities.The findings of the NUC study on the teaching skills of Education graduates... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2005

Parents’ and Teachers’ Perception of Selection as a Factor of Quality in the Curriculum Process in Nigeria

Authors Iyamu, E.O.S.

This study was motivated by the need to redress the problem of decline in the quality of education in Nigerian schools. Although there are several factors that influence success in the learning situation, it is contended in this paper that the... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Teachers’ Knowledge, Use and Perception of the Relevance of Yoruba Indigenous Child’s Play to Pre-Primary and Primary Schools in Nigeria

The Nigerian National Policy on Education emphasizes the use of language of the immediate community as the medium of instruction. An examination of teaching/learning practices of all the preschools in Yoruba speaking states in Nigeria revealed... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Assessment of Learning Achievement of Primary Four Pupils in Edo State

This paper describes the study on the achievement of primary four pupils in Edo State public primary schools. The pupils were tested in numeracy and literacy. From the findings of the study, the pupils’ achievement was below expectation. The poor... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Parent Teachers Association (PTA) Roles and Funding of Private School Administration in Nigeria

Infractions may occur between the school and community, thereby, hampering their coexistence. School-Community conflict in practical sense is resolved through the internal and external administrative mechanisms. The Ministry of education, Schools... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

The State of School Libraries in Nigeria

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

School Dropout among Nigerian Children: Some Proactive Strategies and Solutions

Authors ABRAHAM, N.M.

In 1990, 189 countries (including Nigeria) resolved to realize eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. Goal 2: Universal primary Education (UPE) aims that all children of school age in the member countries enrol and attain ‘free and... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Managing Language Testing in Nigerian Large Classes: Processes and Prospects

Authors Abioye, T.

The demand for literacy in a developing country like Nigeria has multiple results such as the expansion, by leaps and bounds, of the average Nigerian classroom. This paper highlights the reasons for large classes in Nigerian secondary schools,... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Language Policy in Nigeria and Nigerian Language Policy: Implications for Effective Communication in Non-Monolingual Nations

In Nigeria, almost 500 indigenous languages continue to compete with the English language that has assumed the status of a global linguistic code. The contact, in different domains between English and indigenous languages in the country continues... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Assessment in Nigerian Schools: a Counsellor’s Viewpoint

Authors Idowu, A.; Esere, M.

Assessment is aimed at finding out how much a child has acquired in terms of learning skills but also takes into consideration the personal-social development of the child. In Nigerian schools, assessment, most often than not is concentrated on... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

The Teacher and Skills Acquisition at Business Education: From the Perspective of Accounting Skills

The aim of entrepreneurship training as stipulated by the European Commission 2008, among others include; raising awareness of students about business skills, knowledge, promoting creativity, innovation and self-employment. This calls for... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2006

Use of Student Achievement Scores as Basis for Assessing Teachers’ Instructional Effectiveness: Issues and Research Results

Assessment is very important in the learning and instructional processes. Equally important is the use to which assessment results are put. Use of student achievement scores (SAS) as a basis for assessing the teacher’s instructional competence or... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

Code-Switching and Its Literacy Effects on the Acquisition of English Language by Yoruba/English Language Bilinguals

This study identified the reasons why people codes-switch, studied the influence parents, teachers and peers had on the code choice of students and recommendations were given to solving the problems of codes- switching. Questionnaires were... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2007

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of School Health Programme among Head Teachers of Primary Schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria

Background: School health program (SHP) is an important component of the overall health care delivery system of any country. In developing countries such as Nigeria where infant and early childhood mortality is high its importance cannot be... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2006

Code-Switching and Code-Mixing: Style of Language Use in Childhood in Yoruba Speech Community

Authors Ayeomoni, M.O.

This article is the report of an investigation into the types of languages acquired at different periods in the lives of members of the education elite in a speech community; to wit, the Ikale in the Irele and Okitipupa Local Government Areas of... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Active Learning Techniques (ALT) in a Mathematics Workshop; Nigerian Primary School Teachers’ Assessment

Authors Salman, M.F.

This study examined Nigerian Primary School teachers’ assessment of Active Learning Technique (ALT). A total of 120 male and female primary school teachers were purposively sampled from the North central geo-political zone of Nigeria. The sampled... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

Curbing Examination Dishonesty in Nigeria through Value Education

Examination dishonesty is one of the most devastating and conspicuous forms of indiscipline in Nigeria. It has become a cankerworm in the Nigerian education system over the years. It has graduated from being an educational issue to an educational... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Examination Malpractice in Secondary Schools in Nigeria: What Sustains It?

In Nigeria, the last two decades have witnessed an alarming rate of increase in incidents of examination misconduct especially at secondary school level. Evidences abound of increasing incidents of examination malpractice by students, teachers... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Provision of Secondary Education in Nigeria: Challenges and Way forward

Secondary education is critical to the education of a child, being the bridge between primary and tertiary education. In this paper, the challenges militating against the achievement of the objectives of secondary education in Nigeria were... More

Conference Paper Year of Publication 2009

Managing Examination Crisis In Nigeria: The West African Examinations Council (WAECs) Experience

The conduct of examinations in Nigeria has been facing crisis brought about by developments in the education sector. There has been a steady increase in the candidature for examinations over the years. Coupled with this increase are problems... More

Conference Paper Year of Publication 2003

Assessment and Examination: the Pathways to Educational Development

Authors Alonge, F.

Nigeria is presently concerned with developing educational policies that will transform her status from a developing to a developed economy. The acquisition of technical education is possible from secondary to tertiary levels of the country’s 6-3... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

A Comparative Analysis of Universal Basic Education Programme in Nigeria (UBE) and the “Grundskola” Education Programme of Sweden

Authors Opara, J.A.

The formation of educational policies is complex by nature. The complexity owes not only to the fact that education is a sector where it is difficult to identify the underpinnings and their effects to be foreseen, but also to the diversity of... More

Thesis Year of Publication 2011

Impact of Teacher Production on Attaining the Objectives of Public Primary Education in Nigeria

Attaining the objectives of Public Primary Education in Nigeria is hinged on the capacity of teacher to effectively relate theory to practical life in the field of work. Teacher training institutes (Colleges) whose responsibility it is to produce... More

Conference Paper Year of Publication 2006

Establishing New Assessment Standards in the Context of Curriculum Change

Nigeria adopted a National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS) in response to the global reforms in the social and economic context. The critical elements of NEEDS are value re-orientation, poverty reduction, wealth generation,... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2008

Civic Education as a Tool for Nation Building in Nigeria

Authors Falade, D.A.

This pa per exam ines the need for civic ed ucation in N igeria, a nd discu sse s civic e d uca tio n as a too l fo r n ation bu ild ing . The pa p er also h ig h lig hts th e fa cto rs th a t imp e de effective n ation bu ild ing in N ig e ria... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2003

Equality of Man and Equality of Educational Opportunities in Nigeria

Authors Amaele, S.

The issue of equality of man and equality of educational opportunities need to be discussed, and its meaning's strengthened to enable an average citizen of Nigeria to know what to expect each time any of them is mentioned. This is important,... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2013

Predictive Validity of NECO Junior School Certificate Examination on Students’ Achievement in NECO Senior School Certificate Examination

This study ascertained the predictive validity of NECO Junior School Certificate Examination on students achievement in Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) conducted by NECO. The study employed the correlation and regression techniques... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Issues in Test Item Bias in Public Examinations in Nigeria and Implications for Testing

Authors Emaikwu, S.Oche

Various criticisms have been leveled against psychological testing. A large proportion of the criticism pivots on fairness of test to the various identifiable groups taking the same test. This article discusses the meaning, types and sources of... More

Book Year of Publication 2011

Age, Sex and Test Anxiety as Predictors of Examination Malpractises Among Secondary School Students

The study investigated Age, Sex and Test Anxiety as a predictor of Examination Malpractices among Secondary School Students using Ijebu- Ode Local Government Area of Ogun State as case study. Two hundred students were randomly selected from four... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Investigating Nigerian Primary School Teachers’ Preparedness to Adopt Personal Response System in ESL Classroom

This study investigated the extent to which computer literacy dimensions (computer general knowledge, documents and documentations, communication and surfing as well as data inquiry), computer use and academic qualification as independent... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2007

Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Training and Professional Development in Nigeria

This paper examined the contemporary teacher training and professional development in Nigeria as an example of the experiences in developing countries of the world. Against the background of the ascendancy of information and communications... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2012

Teacher Resourcefulness in Under-Resource English Language Teaching-Learning Environments

Authors Olaofe, I.A.

This paper sees Nigerian educational system in crisis. Under-resourcefulness at the human, physical, material and financial levels is the major critical flashpoints of the crisis situation. The positive impact of new technologies is yet to be... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

Effective Students’ Involvement in Public Relations: a Strategy for Improving Enrolment into Technical Teacher Education Programme in Nigeria

Authors Okwelle, P.

The study was undertaken to determine the strategies for improving enrolment into technical teacher education programme in Nigeria through students’ involvement in school public relations activities. Two reserach questions were formulated and one... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

An Assessment of Primary School Teachers’ Competence in the Teaching of Civic Education in Southwestern, Nigeria

This study assessed the professional qualifications of primary school teachers as well as their civic knowledge and attitudes as factors for determining the extent to which they are competent in teaching civic education. Two instruments titled... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Nigerian Primary and Post Primary Teachers’ Utility of the Due Process of Law

Authors Akiri, A.A.

The paper focused on the utility of the due process of law by teachers as a protection and corrective measure in case of problems between teachers and the system served. The writer reviewed how ‘right’ and the due process can be related as well... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2007

The Limits to Growth of Non-Government Private Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa

Authors Lewin, K.

There is a lively debate about the extent to which private providers of educational services can contribute to the achievement of Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals. There is evidence that in some poor countries private... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2008

Factors Affecting Health Instruction in Secondary Schools in Edo State, Nigeria

The primary objective of this paper was to determine the factors that affects health instruction in secondary schools in Edo State, Nigeria. The descriptive survey research method was used for the study and data were analyzed descriptively using... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2012

The Challenges of Social Studies Educators for Effective Teacher Preparation and Implementation of the Universal Basic Education Programme in Nigerian Junior Secondary Schools

The UBE (universal basic education) is one of the laudable reforms in education in Nigeria, which is implemented through social studies instruction. This study investigated social studies teachers’ capability for effective implementation of the... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Teacher education in a democratic Nigeria: Challenges and the way forward

Every nation strives towards the provision of quality education for its citizens, because of the realization that education is necessary to engineer and consolidate any nation’s developmental process. However, achieving quality education would be... More