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Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Latchkey Experiences of School-Age Children in Low-Income Families in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Authors Ekot, M.
The study investigated the Latchkey experiences of school-age children (5-13 years) from the perspectives of mothers in low-income families in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. A proportionate stratified random sample of 200 was drawn from high density... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination Results as Predictors of Students’ Performance in Mathematics at the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations in Benue State, Nigeria

Authors O'kwu, E.; Orum, C.
The main objective for this study was to establish the predictive value between junior secondary school certificate examination and the senior secondary certificate examination in mathematics. The study made use of 4698 students of Junior Secondary... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

It's All About MeE: Using Structured Experiential Learning (“E”) to Crawl the Design Space

There is an inherent tension between implementing organizations—which have specific objectives and narrow missions and mandates—and executive organizations—which provide resources to multiple implementing organizations. Ministries of finance/... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

An Investigation into Differential Item Functioning of Tests Conducted by the Two Major Examination Bodies in Nigeria

Differential Item Functioning (DIF) is a condition where a test item functions differently for examinees from one group to another. This study deals with an investigation into the differential item functioning of test conducted by the two major... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Improving Physical Education in Nigerian Primary Schools

The overall goal of this study was to address areas of improvement in physical education to help primary schools achieve its objectives in Nigeria. It was seen that developing programmes for physical education which maximize opportunities within the... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Implications of Missionary Education for Women in Nigeria: a Historical Analysis

Education is a key factor in human development and social transformation. The problematic of women development in Nigeria traces its roots in the type of education dispensed by missionary agencies and the British colonial administration. Christian... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

The Impact of Teacher Education Programme and Information Technology in the Nigerian School System

Authors AISHA, H.; OGAR, G.
This article discussed the Impact of Teacher Education Programme and Information Technology in Nigeria. The concept of a teacher, the National Policy Statement on Goals, Information Technology and Teacher Education Programme was explained in details... More
Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2013

ICT as a 21st Century Standard for Nigerian Teachers

Authors Nwokeocha, S.
The paper analyses the characteristics of the 21st century that make it imperative for Nigerian teachers to appreciate and use information and communications technology. It reviewed three key foundations of modern society which are scientific... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Government Expenditure on Nomadic Education in Nigeria: Implications For Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

The paper examines government expenditure on nomadic education in Nigeria and the implications for achieving the M Gs. econdary data were used and the data were analyzed with the aid of descriptive statistics. The study revealed that government... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Funding of Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria in Times of Global Economic Recession

Funding has been the bane of education in Nigeria. The global economic recession eventually came to complicate the matter. This notwithstanding, the focus of Vocational and Technical Education with regard to skills acquisition cannot be compromised... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Enhancing the Teacher Profession: Key to Revamping the Education Sector in Nigeria

Education is a living concept that continues to grow and develop on daily basis. The paper looked at necessary steps needed to enhance the teaching profession. Questionnaire was administered to 1000 males and females respondents. The data was... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Effective Service Delivery of Nigeria’s Public Primary Education: the Role of Non-State Actors

The study examines and analyses the role of Non-State Actors (NSAs) in public provision of primary education in Nigeria using descriptive and econometric techniques. The analysis demonstrates that the major source of funding of public primary... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Effect of Inadequate School Plant on Academic Performance of Nigerian Secondary School Students

The Nigerian education system is grappling with a plethora of problems which seem to defy solution over the years, chief among such problems is gross inadequacy in quality of facilities available to students in Nigerian secondary schools, and the... More
Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2013

The Effect of Education on Political Engagement in Weakly Institutionalized Countries: Evidence from Nigeria

Developing countries are currently experiencing unprecedented increases in primary schooling. While education increases civic and political participation in developed democracies, this may not occur in weakly institutionalized countries. Beyond... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Educational Reforms in Nigeria: for Who and Why?

Great changes are occurring in the global world, and the educational system must respond to these changes or become obsolete and irrelevant. There is evidence in Nigeria which over the year has shown that government investment in education has not... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Designing Appropriate Curriculum for Special Education in Urban School in Nigeria: Implication for Administrators.

The provision of a well-planned, modified, and articulated curriculum that would provide students with disabilities appropriate access to the general curriculum and effective instructional support is the thrust of this paper. The paper examined the... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

A Critique of Teaching Profession and Teacher Education in Nigeria

Teaching is one of the oldest professions in modern Nigeria. The advent of the Christian missionaries who introduced western education culminated into the evolution of teaching profession. For ease of communication, educating the Africans had to go... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

A Critical Analysis of Universal Basic Education on its Implementation So Far

Authors Tsafe, A.K.
This paper attempts to give a general overview of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Scheme in Nigeria. It ranges from the purpose of its establishment, its objective, the framework for its operation, its implementation so far and the challenges... More
Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2013

An Assesment of Youth Education in Northern Nigeria

Authors Mohammed, N.D.
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Analysis on Cost and Financing of Pre-School Education in Nigeria

Authors Ogunyinka, E.K.
This paper gives the analysis on cost and financing of pre-school education in Nigeria. The Education for All (EFA) No 1 Goal is the “comprehensive early childhood care and education especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children”. To... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

The Almajiri Model Schools In Nigeria: Matters Arising

Purpose/Aims: There are estimated nine and a half million indigent children on the streets begging for alms, known as almajiri, in the northern part of Nigeria. These children constitute an army of helpless minors, lacking adequate care and... More
Report Year of Publication 2013

Accelerating Progress to 2015: Nigeria

Nigeria, a country rich in natural resources, has experienced robust economic growth since 2001. However, the degree to which this economic achievement has had an impact on progress in human development has been low. More than two-thirds of Nigeria’... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Reform in Curriculum for Basic Education in Nigeria: the Need for Character Training Curriculum

Authors Yusuf, H.
Nigeria educational system has gone through various developments recently. The selection and organization of curriculum contents distribution and use of teaching materials and its relevance to the curriculum, the need and aspirations of the society... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Enhancing Quality Basic Education for the Attainment of Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria: Suggested Policy Interventions

This paper examines the different ways of enhancing quality basic education in order to achieve millennium development goals in Nigeria. Also the paper further examines the pertinent facts about Universal Basic Education (UBE) as well as vision... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Assessment of Parenting Styles on School Attendance and Academic Performance of Nomadic Children in Selected Settlements in Nigeria

The study examined parenting styles on school attendance and academic performance of nomadic children in selected settlements in Nigeria. The study used 120 (44 male,76 female) pupils between the ages of 10 and 13 from eight government primary... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Managing the Challenges and Prospects of the New Teacher in Contemporary Nigeria

Authors Pitan, O.O.

A nation that is aspiring for greatness, self-sufficiency, political and economic emancipation cannot afford running away from effective system of education which can only be managed by good quality teachers. A teacher is a trained person who is... More

Presentation Year of Publication 2010

Re‐Branding Education in Nigeria: a Call to Action

Authors OLISA, S.
Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

The Relevance of Sex Education in Secondary School Curricula in Abraka Metropolis, Delta State, Nigeria

Authors Nakpodia, E.D.

This paper was designed to look into the relevance of sex education in secondary school curricula in Delta State, Nigeria. The study was to compare the attitude of teachers towards sex education. It focused on the attitude of both male and female... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Universality of Primary Education in Nigeria: Trends and Issues

Authors Joshua, O.

Universality of primary education dates back to the 1950’s. Before independence, the different governments in southern Nigeria proclaimed primary education to be universal. After independence, during the second republic, all the state governments... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

Repositioning Special Education in Nigeria for Sustainable Development

In Nigeria, as in many countries of the world, education as one of the social institutions has been a subject constant debate and discussion among stakeholders. .lt has continued to attract the attention of everybody and has experienced series of... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

The Relation between Language and Science, Technology, and Mathematics in Nigerian Schools

The study focuses on importance of language proficiency in the learning of science, technology and mathematics (STM) with attention given to the review of research studies on language and STM within the context of the debate on choice of mother... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2012

The Place of English Language Education in Nigeria Educational System

In an increasingly competitive global village, the need for innovation in our collective quest for national actualisation and continued global relevance through a functional educational system cannot be overemphasized. Language forms the fulcrum... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2011

Female Gender in Professional Education, Nigeria

This paper discusses the issue of female gender in professional education, surveying which entails the general studies and female gender that looks at the past from the perspective of gender, it is in many ways, an out growth of women’s history... More

Report Year of Publication 2010

Report on Review of High Level Policy Documents

The State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness, and Capability (SPARC) Programme funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned the review of LASEEDS review report of 2008 (Review Report 2008... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2007

An Historical Assessment of the Implementation of Basic Education in Nigeria

Authors Lawal, B.O.

This study examined basic education in Nigeria. The study adopted historical meyhod in which the investigate relied heavily on primary source of dat gathering. In addition, both secondary source of data gathering and structured interviews were... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2013

School Climate and Teacher Job Performance in Lagos state, Nigeria

The study examined the relationship between school climate and teacher job performance among secondary schools in Lagos State. A multistage cluster sampling technique which divided Lagos state into six educational districts yielded a sample of... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2012

The Teacher as Factor in the Effective Teaching

The model of English usage acquired through the educational system has a great impact on the socio-political life of Nigeria since English language is the main medium of instruction in Nigeria schools. It is an aberration for one who claimed to... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2010

National Framework for the Development and Integration of Almajiri Education into UBE Programme

The history of Islamic Education in Nigeria, and indeed of Qur’anic Education, dates back to the early days of Islam. Islamic education takes different forms and scope across the country. In the northern states where it is dominant, it is... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2004

Gendered Voices in a Heterogenous Classroom: Movign Qualitative Research Forward within the Nigerian Educational Research Tradition

Authors Okeke, C.O.

The study examined qualitatively the gendered perception of schooling amongst secondary school students. The research agenda emerged through the revealed evidence of what appeared to be an one-sided research approach to the study of gender issues... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2014

Strategies for Ensuring Effective Pre-Primary School Education in Nigeria

This paper is an attempt to discuss strategies for ensuring effective pre-primary school education in Nigeria. It examined the poor state of pre-primary education in contemporary Nigeria. The paper further discusses the ways to improving... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2000

Counsellors as Facilitators for the Successful Implementation of the Universal Basic Education Scheme in Nigeria.

Authors Egbochuku, E.O.

Education is known to be a great anti-dote to poverty and a stimulant of economic growth. This is because it enhances people's productivity and their potential for achieving a higher standard of living. It also provides non-market benefits,... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Demand and Supply of Teachers for Primary Schools in the 21 st Century in Nigeria

Authors Omo-Ojugo, M.O.

How to ensure Nigerians have access to Universal Basic Education has often attracted the attention of some States and Federal Government of Nigeria since 1955. Several factors, bordering on supply of teachers, facilities, finance have constrained... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2008

Integrating African Arts and Culture into the School Curriculum: Models, Challenges and Prospects.

Authors Awoderu, J.B.

Of what importance is the huge investment in Arts and Culture? Should the School Curriculum contains the Arts and Culture? Does any relationship exist between Culture and the School Curriculum? This are the questions that have been confronting... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Language Education in Primary Schools in Nigeria: Contemporary Issues and New Direction

Authors Jummai, M.

The Federal Government of Nigeria in the National Policy on Education (2004), has spelt out the aims of Primary Education. Being the foundation for formal schooling, this paper posits that the effective tool for the appropriate achievement of... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2005

Education and Training of Women and the Girl-Child

Authors Lifanda, K.N.

Welcome to the Beijing + 10 online discussion on Education and Training of Women and the Girl-child sponsored by UNESCO and UNICEF.

... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

English Language Proficiency as a Predictor of Academic Achievement Among EFL Students in Nigeria

English language plays the vital roles of being the medium of instruction in Nigerian schools from primary to tertiary level. The knowledge of the contents of school subjects is transferred to the students at all levels of education via English... More