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Conference Paper Year of Publication 2005

Challenges of Teacher Education for Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Authors Ajeyalemi, D.
Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

The Nature of Parental Involvement in the Schooling Process in Katsina State

Parental involvement in the schooling process of their children seems to be a neglected research area especially in primary schools of Katsina state in Nigeria. Parental involvement as envisaged by Donald, Lazarus and Lolwana (2006) for purposes... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2008

The Impact of Mother Tongue on Students’ Achievement in English Language in Junior Secondary Certificate Examination in Western Nigeria

Authors Oluwole, D.A.

The study is designed to examine the influence of mother tongue on Students performance in English language in Junior School Certificate Examination. The study investigated if mother tongue is solely the cause of the students’ woeful performance... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2007

The Discourse of Whole Class Teaching: A Comparative Study of Kenyan and Nigerian Primary English Lessons

This paper explores the discourse of whole class teaching in Kenyan and Nigerian primary school English lessons. Twenty lessons were analysed using a system of discourse analysis focusing on the teacher-led three-part exchange sequence of... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

A Comparative Study of Students' Academic Performance in Public Examinations in Secondary Schools in Ondo and EKITI States, Nigeria

Authors Adeyemi, T.O.

: This study investigated students' academic performance in public examinations in Secondary Schools in Ondo and Ekiti States, Nigeria. As a descriptive research, the study population comprised all the 281 secondary schools in Ondo State and the... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Confronting the Challenges of Teaching English Language as a Second Language in Nigeria

Authors Ajibola, M.A.

In this paper the author focuses on the challenges of teaching English language as a second language in a multilingual society like Nigeria. Even though English Language is the language of instruction in the Nigerian educational system and has... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2012

The Use of Assistive Technology for Persons with Learning Disabilities in Special Needs Education in Nigeria

Authors Omede, A.A.

This is a discourse on the use of assistive technology in the education of persons with learning disabilities in Nigeria. Assistive technology is a tool that helps students maximize their potential and ability to achieve their individualized... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2011

The Language Element in the Nigerian Secondary School French Curriculum

Authors Ajiboye, T.

School in Nigeria with a view to finding out what is the proportion of, elements that could be described as language-specific. The need to do this arises when we take into account the tendency for most french textbook to deal with language... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2007

Entrepreneurial Capacity Building in the Universal Basic Education Programme

Authors Ubong, B.

The briefs so far released by the Federal Ministry of Education and made available to the public say little about the products of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Scheme with respect to those who, for cognitive or financial reasons cannot... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Schools’ Records: A Deficiency Analysis of English Language Exercises in Public Schools

Authors Gladday, A.E.

This paper examines students’ records of English language exercises in public schools in Rivers State, Nigeria. Students’ record shows classroom practices or interaction between teachers and students as it relates to the implementation of the... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2011

Assessment of School Teachers’ Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Oyo Metropolis of Nigeria

This study examines the availability and usability of Information and communication technology among secondary school teachers in Oyo Metropolis. The Research Design employed is the descriptive survey design. Three research questions were... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2007

ESL Curriculum in Secondary Schools in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges Towards Communicative Competence.

Authors Amuseghan, S.A.

Determining the success or otherwise of the English curriculum aims, goals, objectives, methods and materials, which bother on the mass and accumulation of the four language skills [listening, speaking, reading and writing] as well as different... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2006

Female Students Perceived Causes of and Solution to Examination Malpractice in the Asa Local Government Implication for Counselling

Examination malpractice is rated as one of the greatest problems that undermine the foundation of educational practice in Nigeria today. The magnitude of the problem and the dangers posed by the phenomenon have been identified by stakeholders as... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

Mother Tongue Medium as an Efficient Way of Challenging Educational Disadvantages in Africa: The Case of Nigeria

Authors Orekan, G.

The paper aims to examine the policy of mother-tongue medium of instruction as a way of challenging educational disadvantages and enhancing sustainable development in Africa. The overall illiteracy rate is approximately 70% and recent facts and... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Factors Which Predict Performance in Secondary School Physics in Ebonyi North Educational Zone of Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Identification of the factors affecting performance in secondary school Physics is the first step in the solution to the problem of poor performance in physics at this level, and subsequently at higher levels. The factors studied in relation to... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Optimizing Students’ Performance in English through Quality Teacher Education

Research has established significant connection between quality teacher education and student achievement. This cannot but be a concept in considering the performance of students in English language, a skill-based school subject. This paper... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

Promoting Effective Management of the Universal Basic Education in Primary Schools through the Establishment of Guidance and Counselling Programme

There are multifaceted challenges which the child faces as he or she crosses over from the home to the school. If the initial fears, stress and confusions are not properly managed, it could lead to loss of interest in learning. To assist the... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Gender-Stereotypes Belief and Practices in the Classroom: the Nigerian Post-Primary School Teachers

Authors Ifegbesan, A.

This study explores the gender-stereotyped beliefs and perception of secondary school teachers’ in classroom practices. A total of 250 teachers’ participated in this study. A self-administered questionnaire was used to generate responses from... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

The Needed Resources for UBE and STM Education in Nigeria

This paper discussed the inclusion of primary education in the MDGs, the substantial progress and the challenges of a number of educational policies such as UPE, UBE and EFA (as its international antecedent), put in place by the Federal... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2004

Examination Malpractice: a Stigma on School Effectiveness in Nigeria

Authors Adewale, G.

The paper opens with the meaning of school effectiveness and the need for examination as a method of assessment of students who have gone through one level of education or the other It discusses the incidence of examination malpractice in Nigeria... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2011

Implementing Nigeria’s Nomadic Education Programme (Nep)

Authors Abbo, B.M.
Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2012

Examination Malpractices and Students’ Poor Performance in Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations in Nigeria

Authors Boris, O.O.
This study adopts the theoretical research design to review issues in examination malpractices as they influence students' poor performance in Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations in Nigeria. The result of the study reveals among others... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

An Evaluation of Teachers’ Service Delivery in Nigeria: Measures for Programme Accountability and Improvement

The recruitment and retention of quality teachers is not only beneficial for social transformation but also for a sustainable economic growth of Nigeria. That explains why there is need for continuous evaluation of the performance of the teachers... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Effects of Teachers’ Competence on Students’ Academic Performance: a Case Study of Ikeja Local Government Area of Lagos State

Authors Tope, O.
Competent teachers are the most critical piece in improving students’ achievement and closing the achievement gap. The single most important influence on student learning is the quality of teaching, yet most schools don’t define what good teaching... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Effect of Group Counselling on the Attitude of Nomadic Fulani Male Parents Towards Girl-Child Education in Madagali Local Government Area, Adamawa State, Nigeria

This study determined the effect of group counseling on the attitude of nomadic Fulani male parents towards girl-child education in Madagali Local Government Area, Adamawa State, Nigeria. Four objectives were stated and three (3) null hypotheses... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

The Digital Divide among Secondary School Students in Benin City Cosmopolis: An Analysis

This article analyses the technological differences among children in secondary school in Benin City cosmopolis and how this gap called digital divide is being widening. Highlights include the far reaching policy and government neglects on reforms... More
Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2012

De Facto Privatisation of Basic Education in Africa: A Market Response to Government Failure? A Comparative Study of the Cases of Ghana and Nigeria

Low-fee private schools (LFPSs) enroll a growing proportion of children in Ghana and Nigeria, including the poor. This trend raises questions about the quality of provision in the public sector as well as in relation to equity and social justice in... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

A Critical Evaluation of the Implementation of the Nigerian Language Policy at the Pre-Primary and Primary School Levels

Authors Ojetunde, F.
The National Policy on Education is the document that expresses the mind of the government on various educational matters. All the stakeholders in the educational theatre must abide by the dictates of this legal document. This paper examines the... More
Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2012

Community Voice for Better Schools

School-based management committees improving schools in Nigeria Summary of a qualitative research study
Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Citizenship Education: Curriculum Implications in Nigeria Secondary Schools.

Citizenship education has been neglected over the years, because there was no clear boundary between it and social studies. The understanding of citizenship as defined in the study, will help the communities in particular and the nation in general... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Challenges of Effective English Language Learning in Nigeria Secondary Schools

This paper dwells on the factors that hamper the learning of the English language in Nigeria’s secondary schools. The factors that influence the students’ effective learning of the English Language as second language learners, the attitude of... More