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Report Year of Publication 2014 EDOREN publication

Issues of educational access, quality, equity and impact in Nigeria: The EDOREN review of literature on basic education

This literature review examines the findings of empirical studies from between 2000 and 2013 that relate to factors affecting educational access, quality, equity and impact in basic education. It also considers related grey literature and policy... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011


Science teachers and their ideas and beliefs may play a major role in science education reform since science teachers’ ideas and beliefs often lead to actions and these actions ultimately impact on students. This investigation was focused on Lagos... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014


Educational and instructional television programmes are vital to academic achievement. The success of any instructional programme will depend on the instructor's skill in encoding symbols that are meaningful to the audience and on their skill in... More
Conference Paper Year of Publication 2015

Training teachers and gender equality in Nigeria: Reflections on measurement and policy

How to measure and track gender inequalities in education, identify interventions for equality, and evaluate and monitor these is central to much contemporary debate in policy and academic circles. It is widely acknowledged that we are into a second... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

Impact of divorce on academic performance of senior secondary students in Ilorin metropolis, Kwara state

The study was designed to look at the impact of divorce on academic performance of senior secondary students in Ilorin metropolis kwara state. The study adopted a survey method of research. Purposive and simple random sampling techniques were used... More
Conference Proceedings Year of Publication 2014

Principals and Parents Partnership for Sustainable Quality Assurance in Nigerian Secondary Schools

The paper examines the universal purpose and relevance of education in human capital development. It also highlights and discusses the thematic areas of quality assurance in relation to the trend, issues and challenges in the provision of secondary... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

Efficacy of Interactive Whiteboard on Psychomotor Skills Achievement of Students in Isometric and Orthographic Projection

This paper discusses importance of technology education and evidences of declining performance of junior secondary school students in basic technology subject. Potentials on interactive whiteboard (IWB) as one of the new technologies to meet the... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

Classroom Management Styles of Primary School Teachers in Rivers State: A Concern for Effective Pupils’ Control and Learning

The paper examined the classroom management styles of teachers in the primary schools in Rivers state, Nigeria, with the aim of effectively handling pupils’ behavioural problems. A sample size of one thousand (1000) primary school teachers were... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

Access and attrition of female students in secondary schools in Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

The study investigated access of female students to secondary education and the completion rate of those that were enrolled in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). It also determined the factors responsible for the attrition of female students with... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

The Impact of Teacher Errors on Senior Students’ Understanding of Concept Respiration, in Awka, Anambra State

The study investigated how teachers’ conceptual errors influenced secondary school students understanding of concept of respiration. The sample comprised 40 out of 72 biology teachers and 432 out of 2049 biology students drawn from 10 secondary... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

The Causes of Poor Performance in Mathematics among Public Senior Secondary School Students in Azare Metropolis of Bauchi State, Nigeria

This study investigated the causes of poor performance in mathematics among public senior secondary schools students in Azare metropolis of Bauchi state, Nigeria. The study sample was 361 in which 300 were students and 61 teachers which were... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2015


This paper takes a look at the comparison of the educational policies of two countries: the educational systems in Nigeria and China. The challenges and problems encountered in implementing the national policy in Nigeria and the way out. Using the... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

Analyzing Relationship between Teachers’ Competencies and Basic Education Management -- A Nigerian Perspective

The study was designed to assess the relationship between teachers competencies and basic education management in Nigeria and make recommendations for improvement. Competencies involve managerial skills that are necessary for effective... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

Teachers’ Perceptions and Attitudes towards Retirement in Secondary Schools: An Analytical Study

This study was designed to determine teachers’ perceptions and attitudes towards retirement in Secondary School in Rivers State, Nigeria. The study adopted descriptive survey design because; survey information has been accepted as a useful tool in... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

ICT Access and the Nigerian Teacher: A Literature Review

Nigeria’s National Policy on ICT’s main objective is to create a conducive environment for rapid expansion of ICT networks and services that are accessible to all at reasonable costs while its policy statement is to ensure the country’s effective... More
Conference Proceedings Year of Publication 2014

A comparative study of mathematics education (ME) beliefs among mathematics curriculum leaders (MCLs) in English and Nigerian schools

Authors Juwe, S.
The beliefs of MCLs in England and Nigeria have received limited research attention despite their relevance to school mathematics. This paper reports part of a study that compared the espoused ME and leadership beliefs of MCLs in Nigeria and England... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

School Libraries: tool for implementing Primary School Curriculum in Nigeria

The National Policy on Education (Nigeria, 2004) recognized the need for libraries in primary schools as a tool for supporting the curriculum thereby achieving its objectives. There has been a shift from repetition or rote learning to the modern way... More
Conference Proceedings Year of Publication 2014

Influence of Teachers, Profesional Qualification and Area of Specialization on the Implimentation of Environmental Education Curriculum in Cross River State - Nigeria

The main purpose of this study was to examine teacher’s qualification; Area of specialization and the implementation of the environmental education curriculum in Cross River State, Nigeria. Two hypotheses were formulated to guide the study: Teachers... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

A Comparative Study of the Implementation of Pre-Primary Education Policy in Nigeria and Cameroon

The study was carried out in Nigeria and Cameroon to compare the implementation of pre-primary education in both countries. A descriptive survey research design was used for the study. The population comprised preprimary school teachers and head... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

Socio-Economic Development and the Girl-Child Education: a Look at Jos North Local Government, Plateau State

The problem of the girl child education in Jos North Local Government Area has some socio-economic aspects. One of the factors which have militated against women‟s equality in education is the traditional belief that “a women‟s place is in the... More
Report Year of Publication 2004

HIV/AIDS and the Education Sector in Nigeria : review of policy and research documents

This literature review on HIV/AIDS and education in Nigeria has been undertaken in preparation for a regional workshop on “Education Research Response to HIV/AIDS” scheduled for Bamako in June 2004. The aim of the workshop is to identify research... More
Government Report Year of Publication 2014

Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey 2013

This report summarises the findings of the 2013 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS), implemented by the National Population Commission (NPC). ICF International provided financial and technical assistance for the survey through the USAID-... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014


Authors Okorie, O.; B.E., O.
The study surveys the adequacy of business studies teachers for the implementation of the upper basic education business studies curriculum in Ebonyi State. Two research questions and one null hypothesis tested at 0.05 level of significance guided... More
Conference Proceedings Year of Publication 2014


This study assessed the implementation of national computer education curriculum in Nigeria primary schools. Data were collected by means of 4 points Likert Scale questionnaire from 200 primary school computer teachers (116 males and 84 females) in... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

Education and Prosperity through Technology - Case of Virtual Education Limited, Nigeria

The case of education in Nigeria can be likened to a seed that falls among thorns on the soil, such that when it germinates and continues to grow, the growth is abnormal to the extent that it cannot bear good fruits. Since the advent of western... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

Repositioning Teacher Education in Nigeria for Sustainable National Development

This paper examines teacher education in Nigeria as a catalyst for sustainable national development as a result of its position as the trainer of manpower who in turn utilize the human and material resources for the transformation and development of... More
Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2005

Teachers Code of Conduct

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2007

Education Reform Act

Authors Nigeria, F.R.O.
Report Year of Publication 2014

The quantitative impact of armed conflict on education in Nigeria: counting the human and financial costs

This case study investigates the extent to which conflict has impacted on education in Nigeria. Using a variety of data sources, it considers the evidence of the impact of conflict on education via the various channels listed above, and attempts to... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2014

Impact of government expenditure on education: The Nigerian experience

Nigeria has over the years invested substantially to improve the educational attainment of the labour force and to raise productivity but yet still faces declining real output and slow economic growth. The paper focuses on the impact of education... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2015

Evaluation of School Health Instruction in Primary Schools in Jos, North- Central Nigeria

Abstract: Background: Establishing healthy behaviours during childhood is easier and more effective than trying to change unhealthy behaviours during adulthood. The school is a place where education and health programmes can have their greatest... More
Journal Article Year of Publication 2008

The Supply of Science Teachers to Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Nigeria: A Critical Analysis

Authors Adeyemi, T.O.
This paper investigated the supply of science teachers to secondary schools in Ondo State, Nigeria. It was an ex-post facto and descriptive research. The study population comprised all the 281 secondary schools and 4 higher institutions in the State... More
Book Chapter Year of Publication 2015

Curriculum Theorizing and Practice in Teacher Education

Authors Adegoke, B.
Book Chapter Year of Publication 2015

The Delivery System in Teacher Education