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Conference Paper Year of Publication 2012

Relative Effectiveness of Classroom in Interaction Techniques on Students' Participation in Rivers State, Nigeria

This study sought to identify the relative effectiveness of classroom interaction techniques on students’ participation in Government classrooms using three classroom interaction techniques. All senior secondary schools in Port Harcourt Local... More

Conference Paper Year of Publication 2005

National and Official Languages in Nigeria: Reflections on Linguistic Interference and the Impact of Language Policy and Politics on Minority Languages

Authors Aito, E.

Known for its “extreme linguistic diversity” (Elugbe 1994), Nigeria is home to languages numbering about 400. Although its land mass is less than 7 per cent of the total area of the African continent, most scholars concur that about 20 per cent... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2004

Language of Instruction Policy and Practice in Africa

Authors Bamgbose, A.
Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Towards Selection of Instructional Media for Effective Teaching and Learning of English as a Second Language in Secondary Schools

Authors Alobo, J.O.

Based on the behavioural motivation theory of learning, the author of this paper describes the effect of the apt selection and use of instructional media on the teaching and learning of English as a second language in secondary schools. Two sets... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

A Framework for the Evaluation of the English as a Second Language Programme in Nigeria

Authors Babatunde, S.

This study attempts to provide a framework to facilitate and enforce the process of learning the English language in Nigeria. The framework adapts the CIPP model of curriculum evaluation to provide a foundation for the specification of the total... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

The Influence of Process Approach on English as Second Language Students’ Performances in Essay Writing

This study examined the influence of Process Approach on English as second language Students’ performances in essay writing. The purpose was to determine how far this current global approach could be of assistance to the writing skill development... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

A Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Contraception among Secondary School Students in Ekpoma, Nigeria

Background: Adolescent sexual activity, early pregnancy, induced abortion and increased HIV/AIDS infection have become a major concern in Nigeria. Teenage pregnancy is a risk factor for disruption of education, future unemployment and poor mental... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

The English Language and Education in Nigeria

Authors Udofot, I.

In this paper, the author examines the place of English in Nigeria vis-à-vis the National Policy on Education. She observes that despite arguments to the contrary, English has been given a pride of place in the Nigerian educational system; it is... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2006

The Nigerian Educational System and Returns to Education

While each tier of education has at various times been the concurrent (joint) responsibility of both Federal and state governments, the former has historically been much more involved at the post secondary level. The shares of Federal Government... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Women, Education and Work in Nigeria

Authors Anugwom, E.E.

This paper examines the implication of the growing educational opportunities for women in Nigeria. Although bias has existed from the traditional Nigerian society against women, recent events especially in education reveal a conquering of this... More

Book Year of Publication 2002

Private Wage Returns to Schooling in Nigeria: 1996-1999

In the last two decades, primary and secondary school enrollment rates have declined in Nigeria while enrollment rates in post-secondary school have increased. This paper estimates from the General Household Survey for Nigeria the private returns... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

Promoting Students’ Participation: Communicative Functions of Repair in a Nigerian Computer Science Classroom

This study investigated the influence of repair on Nigerian students’ participation in a computer science classroom discourse. The sample involved a male teacher in a public secondary school teaching computer studies to 45 students. Data were... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Re-Engineering Mother Tongue Education in Africa in the ICT Era: Issues and Challenges

The UNESCO (1953) Report has amply demonstrated the primacy of mother-tongue as the most effective and affective medium of instruction in the education process. However, the gains of mother-tongue education, especially in Africa, are fast... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

Influence of Social Background on Motivation in Second Language Learning: the Case Study of Two Secondary Schools in Port Harcourt Municipality, Nigeria

This study aimed at examining the influence of social background on motivation in second language learning with special focus on two secondary schools, Akpor Grammar School and the University of Port Harcourt Demonstration Secondary School both... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Historical Analysis of Educational Policy Formulation in Nigeria: Implications for Educational Planning and Policy

Authors Fabunmi, M.

This paper attempts a trend analysis of educational policy formulation in Nigeria and also examines the implication of Nigeria’s experience on both educational planning and policy making in the country. It traces the formulation of educational... More

Report Year of Publication 2011

The Challenges Affecting the Implementation of Universal Basic Education in some Selected Primary Schools in Nigeria

Authors Adunola, O.

This study focuses on the challenges affecting the implementation of Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Nigeria using Ijebu-Ode Local Government Area of Ogun State as a case study. This study identifies the major challenges that stand as a... More

Book Year of Publication 2012

Roles of Code Switching in Multilingual Public Primary Schools in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Authors Olusegun, J.

The study investigated roles of code switching in mult ilingual public primary schools in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. It also determined the effects of the languages used on teaching and learning mathematics with a view to presenting code-switching as a... More

Book Year of Publication 2001

The School Health Programme : the Situational Revisit

School health programme refers to all the maintenance and improvement of the health of the school population,school children and staff.consists of three main areas namely :school health services, school health instruction and healthful school... More

Miscellaneous Year of Publication 2007

Universal Basic Education in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects

The fundamental principle of UBE in Nigeria is that everybody must have access to equivalent education comprehensively and co-educationally. The concept of the Universal Primary Education (UPE) introduced in 1976. (6 years education) was to... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Universal Basic Education in Nigeria: Challenges and the Way Forward

Education defined as permanent change in behavior as a result of learning, consists of all efforts (conscious or incidental) made by a society to accomplish set objectives, which are considered to be desirable in terms of the individual as well... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Mother Tongue as Default Language of Instruction in Lower Primary Science Classes: Tension between Policy Prescription and Practice in Nigeria

The forecast for the first quarter of this century is that the issue of teaching science in the language to which the learner is most familiar will receive more attention in our quest to win more students for science. Over two-thirds of countries... More

Report Year of Publication 2007

Education Public Expenditure Review

This report provides a detailed review of public expenditure on education in Kano State. The focus is on education and training provision that is funded by state and local governments as well as households and other private sector contributions.... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

The Role of Nigerian Teachers and Parents: A Pre-Requisite for Efficient and Dynamic Curriculum Development

The non-challant attitudes of the Nigerian teachers and parents to the challenges of curriculum development and educational achievement have created a great gap between the school-teaching-learning programme and the achievement of educational... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Teaching English though English: Exploring Anxiety in Non-native Pre-service ESL Teachers

Authors Yoon, T.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the sources of foreign language anxiety experienced by non-native pre-service ESL teachers (NNPSET) in licensure program. 52 pre-service ESL teachers enrolled in a public university in Seoul, South... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

The Teacher Matters: Strategies for Making the Teaching Profession More Relevant in Nigerian Educational System

Authors Aluede, O.

This paper is premised on the fact that education is an instrument for social change. It is the only known weapon that can combat poverty. In this regard, this paper examined the concepts of education and teaching, the importance and the... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Private Cost Analysis of Pre-School Education in Nigerian Private Schools

Authors Olubor, R.O.

Since research has shown that high quality preschool education is associated with improved school readiness, better school performance, higher graduation rates, lower crime and delinquency and decreased welfare dependency then it is worth knowing... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Teachers’ Quality and Internal Efficiency in Primary Schools in Ekiti State, Nigeria

This paper examined teachers’ quality and internal efficiency of primary schools in Ekiti State, Nigeria. As an expo facto and descriptive research, the study population comprised all the 694 primary schools in the State. Out of this, a sample of... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

Book Maintenance Practice among Primary School Pupils in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

The role of textbook is vital in language learning. Hence, teachers, parents, school administrators, proprietors, government and other stakeholders attach importance to the provision of prescribed textbooks in school. English language dominates... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2008

The Quality of Teacher Education in Nigeria

Authors Ijaiya, N.Y.S.

The main aim of this paper was to contribute to the ongoing debate on the reform of teacher education as it affects the Faculties of Education in Nigerian universities.The findings of the NUC study on the teaching skills of Education graduates... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2005

Parents’ and Teachers’ Perception of Selection as a Factor of Quality in the Curriculum Process in Nigeria

Authors Iyamu, E.O.S.

This study was motivated by the need to redress the problem of decline in the quality of education in Nigerian schools. Although there are several factors that influence success in the learning situation, it is contended in this paper that the... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Teachers’ Knowledge, Use and Perception of the Relevance of Yoruba Indigenous Child’s Play to Pre-Primary and Primary Schools in Nigeria

The Nigerian National Policy on Education emphasizes the use of language of the immediate community as the medium of instruction. An examination of teaching/learning practices of all the preschools in Yoruba speaking states in Nigeria revealed... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Assessment of Learning Achievement of Primary Four Pupils in Edo State

This paper describes the study on the achievement of primary four pupils in Edo State public primary schools. The pupils were tested in numeracy and literacy. From the findings of the study, the pupils’ achievement was below expectation. The poor... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Parent Teachers Association (PTA) Roles and Funding of Private School Administration in Nigeria

Infractions may occur between the school and community, thereby, hampering their coexistence. School-Community conflict in practical sense is resolved through the internal and external administrative mechanisms. The Ministry of education, Schools... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

The State of School Libraries in Nigeria

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

School Dropout among Nigerian Children: Some Proactive Strategies and Solutions

Authors ABRAHAM, N.M.

In 1990, 189 countries (including Nigeria) resolved to realize eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. Goal 2: Universal primary Education (UPE) aims that all children of school age in the member countries enrol and attain ‘free and... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2010

Managing Language Testing in Nigerian Large Classes: Processes and Prospects

Authors Abioye, T.

The demand for literacy in a developing country like Nigeria has multiple results such as the expansion, by leaps and bounds, of the average Nigerian classroom. This paper highlights the reasons for large classes in Nigerian secondary schools,... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

Language Policy in Nigeria and Nigerian Language Policy: Implications for Effective Communication in Non-Monolingual Nations

In Nigeria, almost 500 indigenous languages continue to compete with the English language that has assumed the status of a global linguistic code. The contact, in different domains between English and indigenous languages in the country continues... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2009

Assessment in Nigerian Schools: a Counsellor’s Viewpoint

Authors Idowu, A.; Esere, M.

Assessment is aimed at finding out how much a child has acquired in terms of learning skills but also takes into consideration the personal-social development of the child. In Nigerian schools, assessment, most often than not is concentrated on... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2012

The Teacher and Skills Acquisition at Business Education: From the Perspective of Accounting Skills

The aim of entrepreneurship training as stipulated by the European Commission 2008, among others include; raising awareness of students about business skills, knowledge, promoting creativity, innovation and self-employment. This calls for... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2006

Use of Student Achievement Scores as Basis for Assessing Teachers’ Instructional Effectiveness: Issues and Research Results

Assessment is very important in the learning and instructional processes. Equally important is the use to which assessment results are put. Use of student achievement scores (SAS) as a basis for assessing the teacher’s instructional competence or... More

Journal Article Year of Publication 2011

Code-Switching and Its Literacy Effects on the Acquisition of English Language by Yoruba/English Language Bilinguals

This study identified the reasons why people codes-switch, studied the influence parents, teachers and peers had on the code choice of students and recommendations were given to solving the problems of codes- switching. Questionnaires were... More