Workplace Deviance: A Predictive study of Occupational Stress and Emotional Intelligence among Secondary School teachers


The study investigated workplace deviance:A predictive study of Occupational stress and Emotional intelligence among secondary school teachers. A total number of 198 teachers from Nigeria served as participants with the mean age of 32.98,standarddeviation 0f 9.26 and age range of 22 to 54years. Three instruments were used in the study: Workplace deviance scale, Occupational stress inventory and Emotional intelligence scale. The study adopted a correlational design with Pearson Product Moment correlation as statistical tool for data analysis. The findings indicated a significant relationship between occupational stress and workplace deviance of secondary school teachers at p<.05 level of significance. This indicated that teachers’ occupational stress was related to their workplace deviance. Furthermore, the findings also indicated a significant correlation between emotional intelligence and workplace deviance at P<.05 level of significance. Hence, findings were discussed and recommendations were made accordingly based on the findings