Teachers’ Perception on the Functionality of the Introduced Cultural and Creative Arts Curriculum of the Nigerian Universal Basic Education


This study examined the perception of teachers on the functionality of the introduced Cultural and Creative Arts (CCA) curriculum of the Upper Basic Education (UBE) as it affects Music. In the study, a sample of 60 music teachers that teach CCA in UBE 1-3, derived from the six (6) educational zones in Anambra state was used. The instrument used for the study was a structured questionnaire containing test items arranged under competence, attitude, materials, managerial and methodology factors. Frequency, percentage and chi-square (X2) statistical inference technique were the applied analytical tools for the study. The summary of the results obtained showed that those test items that are negatively affecting the introduction of CCA got 86.67%. Those test items that were positively affecting and those that were insignificant got 6.67% each. The identified factors impacting on the introduction of CCA were discussed in line with the results obtained, highlighting the problems and proffering possible solutions.