The Supply of Science Teachers to Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Nigeria: A Critical Analysis


This paper investigated the supply of science teachers to secondary schools in Ondo State, Nigeria. It was an ex-post facto and descriptive research. The study population comprised all the 281 secondary schools and 4 higher institutions in the State as well as 30 higher institutions from neighbouring States producing teachers for secondary schools. The sample in respect of secondary schools was identical with the population. Since only 2 out of the 4 higher institutions in the State produce teachers, the 2 higher institutions were selected for the study. Out of the 30 higher institutions in neighbouring States, 16 were selected thereby giving a total sample of 18 higher institutions. The method of selection was by multi-stage, purposeful and stratified random sampling. The instrument used was an inventory while the data collected were analyzed using frequency counts and percentages. It was found that science teachers were in less proportion compared to nonscience teachers in all the schools. Male science teachers were in greater numbers than female science teachers in the schools. The number of science teachers supplied from higher institutions outside the State was greater than the number supplied from higher institutions within the State The supply of science teachers did not match the demand for them in the schools. It was concluded that higher institutions in the State had not been supplying sufficient number of science teachers to the schools. It was then recommended that more efforts should be made by government to increase the supply of science teachers to schools