Perception of Students on Computer Utilization and Academic Performance in the North-Central Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria


The introduction and application of computer as a resource in teaching and learning process in education has contributed to the achievement of educational objectives. Students at all levels of education use computers for specified purpose. Do computers really help students to achieve academic excellence? The study investigated the perception of students on computer utilization and academic performance. It is a descriptive research with emphasis on survey design. The population comprised all Colleges of Education in North Central geopolitical zone of Nigeria: made up of six states and FCT-Abuja; out of which six colleges were selected as sample. A 20-item questionnaire (CUSAPQ) was designed and validated through expert judgment and reliability co-efficient of 0.86 was obtained. The null hypotheses were tested using Chi-square and ANOVA statistical analysis at 0.05 level of significance. Findings revealed that there was positive perception of computer utilization on students’ academic performance in the selected zone. Based on the findings, recommendations were made; seminar and workshops on computer utilization should be organised for the lecturers and the students to facilitate active and effective learning