Moving With Global Trends in Curriculum Innovation: Mitigating the Challenges of Curriculum Implementation for Effective Teaching and Learning in Nigeria


Education is the key to achieving and sustaining the goals of any society that must develop its citizen. Its adoption as the instrument for national development cannot be over emphasized. Curriculum is a deliberate and direct efforts within a given programme framework for strengthening synergy and relevant services for ensuring the acquisition of knowledge needed for the improvement of man’s surrounding. A strategic curriculum innovation is one of the educational reforms that have been witnessed by education sector in Nigeria. The paper x – rays the Challenges of implementing the curriculum for effective teaching and learning. Two hundred and fifty teachers were selected from the North Central Geo – Political Zone of Nigeria that form the sample population for the research. An instrument titled Teachers Perception of Curriculum Implementation Analysis Questionnaire (TPCIAQ) was used for data collection. The data collected from the questionnaires administered were analyzed using appropriate statistical tools. The finding of the study revealed the numerous challenges to include non availability of the curriculum, insecurity in the zone, lack of trained teacher and instructional materials, lack of sensitization and capacity building advocacy from stakeholders and a lot more. Based on the findings from the study appropriate recommendations were made.