Learning in Lagos: Comparing Student Achievement in Bridge, Public, and Private Schools


Despite the relatively small number of public schools in Lagos, only 4% of primary school aged children were out of school in 2011 (World Bank, 2017). High enrollment rates are enabled by private schools filling the gap in provision.  In 2011, 57% of primary and secondary students in Lagos studied in 12,098 private schools (Härmä, 2013). Many of these schools can be considered to be “low-fee” – affordable even to those on the poverty line. This comparative study is designed to describe the learning levels of students in Bridge, public, and private schools in Lagos and identify factors that may help account for differences in achievement. The study is best considered as an examination of the current state of these schools in Lagos and a baseline for future work. The study is the first step in assisting the Department for International Development (DFID) to understand the value of its investment in supporting Bridge to enter the Lagos market.