Issues in In-Service Education Provision for Teachers in Nigeria: The Way Forward in this Decade and Beyond


In Nigeria, in-service education provides opportunity for teachers to improve themselves professionally, particularly in acquisition of additional knowledge, skills and teaching pedagogy. Many inservice programmes thus exist for teachers for this purpose. The patronage of in-service programmes by teachers however has negative implications, particularly on the provision of quality education for pupils/students in schools. In this paper, the issue of in-service education of teachers in Nigeria is examined with the rationale for it and the implications on quality education provision for pupils/students discussed. To achieve the objective of this paper, relevant information and data were gathered from existing literature with a view to buttress the issues raised therein. To ensure the effectiveness of in-service education however, recruitment of qualified teachers, provision of quality education by teacher-training institutions, regular inspection of schools, approval of in-service education prior to commencement by teachers, prompt upgrading of teachers after in-service education, and motivation of teachers, are recommended.