Implementation Of the Revised 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) In the Northcentral Nigeria: A Monitor of Benue State


This study was designed to monitor the Revised 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) with the aim of establishing the level of implementation in terms of the level of awareness, the accessibility to and the training on the use of the 9-Year BEC and the Teachers’ Guide (TG). The study is of descriptive survey. One Official each from the State Ministry of Education, (SMOE), and the State Universal Basic Education Board, (SUBEB); and HeadTeachers of 8 Basic Education Schools in one Local Government Area each of the three Senatorial Districts/Zones in Benue State were sampled for the study. From the findings of this study, it was recommended among others that on-the-job trainings should be organized for the teachers of in the schools to update their knowledge on the implementation of the Revised 9-Year BEC and there is need for adequate provisions of the Curricula, TG and relevant textbook