Female Teacher Trainee Scholarship Scheme (FTTSS) Database and Tracker Survey


In order to facilitate the effective monitoring of the Female Teacher Trainee Scholarship Scheme (FTTSS), EDOREN (Education Data Research and Evaluation in Nigeria) has created a database that records relevant facts about awardees’ background, academic performance and employment outcomes. The key goal is to monitor whether awardees complete the teacher training course and go on to teach in a rural primary school in their designated Local Government Area (LGA) for at least two years (which they are obliged to do under the scheme). This report describes the key features of the database, the methods used to collect data and the outcome of the tracking exercise. It then analyses the main findings to date. This report is preliminary in that further work is required in order to clean-up and add key information to the database. It has been released now primarily in order that it can feed into the May 2014 Annual Review of the Girls Education Project – Phase 3 (GEP3). If considered worthwhile in the context of revisions to GEP3 interventions, a second draft of the report will be produced by the end of May that is based on an initial cleaning of the data base which has eliminated around 7-8% of the FTTSS student entries which have been found to be definite duplicates.