The study was carried out to examine the effect of teachers’ motivational strategies on students’ academic achievement in Kwara State public secondary schools in Nigeria. The design of the study was a descriptive survey. The population consisted of all the 6839 teachers and all students in Kwara State public secondary schools. The sample consisted of 330 respondents including 210 teachers and 120 students. Systematic and purposive random sampling techniques were used. A self-designed questionnaire titled “Teachers’ Motivational Strategies and Students’ Academic Achievement” (TMSSAA), and interview guide titled “Interview on Level of Teachers’ Motivational Strategies in Schools” (ILTMSS) were used to collect information on teachers’ motivational strategies. Data were personally collected and analyzed using frequency counts, percentage scores and Chi-square to test the hypotheses. The findings revealed that awards, scholarship, encouragement, evaluation of lesson, good teaching skills, guidance and counseling, among others, were motivational strategies used by the teacher. Teachers’ motivational strategies in relation to the students’ learning domains were found to be high and satisfactory while, level of students’ motivation was adjudged high and appreciated by the teachers and students. The results revealed a significant relationship between teachers’ motivation and students’ academic achievement with (r tab = 47.623, r cal.40.1*, p < .05); equally, no significant relationship existed between teachers’ motivational strategies and students’ academic achievement with (r tab= 30.412, r cal.40.1*, p < .05). Findings on the teachers interviewed corroborated the quantitative findings. In conclusion, teachers’ motivational strategies did not enhance students’ academic achievement in Kwara state public secondary schools, Nigeria. It was recommended that more experienced and qualified teachers should be employed in order for them to motivate individual students according to their needs in enhancing their academic achievement.