EDOREN's research capacity strengthening strategy for evidence-based education policy and practice in Kaduna and Kano States, Nigeria


This report outlines a research capacity strenghtening strategy designed by the DFID funded Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (EDOREN) that requires practitioners (acting as proxies for policy makers) to collaborate with and work along side academics in designing and delivering rigourous policy-focused research. The strategy has five key components: (i) engaging in policy-driven research, (ii) partnership; (iii) mentoring; (iv) repeated policy feedback; and (v) hands-on support. The strategy was integrated into the EDOREN project Identifying, Recruiting and Deploying Effective Teachers in Kaduna and Kano States which started in 2016.

This report was followed up with a final report, available here: http://www.nigeria-education.org/literature/edoren%E2%80%99s-research-capacity-strengthening-strategy-evidence-based-education-policy-and