DEEPEN Endline Evaluation Report Vol.1: Synthesis


DEEPEN is an innovative, ambitious programme that aims to improve the quality of education provided by private schools in Lagos. It responded to growing evidence, provided through the Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN), that a majority of primary-aged children from poor and moderately poor households in Lagos attend private school. At the same time, there was limited public (or development partner) involvement in private education in Lagos, with both unaware of its scale and importance. As a result, there was limited measurement of education outcomes in the private sector. This report aims to address this with respect to DEEPEN.

This synthesis report  evaluation covers the full set of DEEPEN intervention areas and activity in the period 2014 to 2017. Full details are available in the technical report.


The report finds that DEEPEN interventions were well targeted to schools serving children from poor backgrounds, but did not appear to have benefited meaningfully (i.e. in a way that is, in the evaluation team’s view, likely to contribute to sizeable future improvements in learning outcomes) many of these schools and learners. Much of the programme’s impact was constrained to school-level changes and did not translate into learning outcomes at the time of endline evaluation.