The Causes of Poor Performance in Mathematics among Public Senior Secondary School Students in Azare Metropolis of Bauchi State, Nigeria


This study investigated the causes of poor performance in mathematics among public senior secondary schools students in Azare metropolis of Bauchi state, Nigeria. The study sample was 361 in which 300 were students and 61 teachers which were selected from the population of 5,545. The descriptive survey design was used and questionnaire was used in the collection of data. Frequency and simple percentage were used in the analysis of the data. The findings of the study led to the conclusion that students’ negative attitude toward mathematics, anxiety and fear of mathematics, inadequate qualified teachers, poor teaching methods, inadequate teaching materials, overcrowded classes were some of the causes of poor performance in mathematics in the study area. The study also found out that developing positive attitude, motivation and proper guidance toward mathematics, using proper methods of teaching the subject, provision of relevant teaching materials, additional classrooms and furniture, provision of libraries and mathematical laboratories were some of the ways of improving performance in mathematics in the study area. Finally, the study recommended that frequent inter-school competition in mathematics, frequent supervision and inspection by proper authorities as well as enlightenment of parents on importance of children’s education should be adopted. Key words: Poor Performance, Mathematics, Public Senior Secondary Schools, Students.