The Teacher Matters: Strategies for Making the Teaching Profession More Relevant in Nigerian Educational System


This paper is premised on the fact that education is an instrument for social change. It is the only known weapon that can combat poverty. In this regard, this paper examined the concepts of education and teaching, the importance and the usefulness of teachers. It also provided strategies for making teachers more relevant in teacher education and teaching profession. These strategies include: reviewing the existing teacher education programmes to emphasize how to teach, which can be achieved by replacing the already existing six weeks teaching practice exercise with internship of one- year duration. The paper further recommended the establishment of licensure and credentialing board and the need to propose a bill before the National Assembly to regulate the practice of teaching. In addition, the paper recommended the revision of the curricula of teacher education programmes in Nigerian Universities or Colleges of Education, to align them with the mission and vision of the primary and secondary schools.