A Study of the Language Learner Strategies Adopted by Nigerian Students


Nigerian students learn and eventually use English as a Second Language (ESL) having acquired at least one of the numerous Nigerian languages as mother tongue (L1). Consequently, learning English in such an ESL environment must take into cognizance some useful strategies that are capable of assisting the English language learner in the Nigerian setting. However, teachers as well as students usually fail to benefit from the numerous opportunities offered by language learner strategies in the course of either language teaching or learning. The written and spoken expressions of Nigerian students in English are generally poor. They obviously need to function adequately well in English since it is the medium of instruction in Nigerian schools. It is on this note that this study aims to attempt a detailed study of the language learner strategies usually adopted in Nigerian schools. It is the position of this study that Nigerian students must be well exposed to all the language learning strategies. They must also be aware that no singular strategy can adequately meet their functional needs.