Statistical Analysis of Knowledge and Awareness to Universal basic Education in Nigeria


Nigerian educational system has gone through various developments and change. The main aim of this paper, which is knowledge and awareness of teachers to universal basic education in Nigeria is to investigate the perceived knowledge and awareness of teachers to universal basic education to aid proper implementation of the education policy through the proper involvement of the stake holders. The training and production of the manpower required for the attainment of Education policy objectives should be framed not only on the quality and quantity of teachers but also their involvement in policy formation. Analysis of the Nigerian education sector reveals the challenges of incoherence in policy formulation and implementation. One positive note is that both the government and the people are seeking better ways of doing things and achieving results that would benefit the majority of the people. Based on the findings, government is strictly advised to be proactive in the implementation of Universal Basic Education (UBE) for better monitoring strategy. It is also recommended that government needs to provide more in terms of library facilities, laboratory facilities and play materials for schools.