Integrating African Arts and Culture into the School Curriculum: Models, Challenges and Prospects.


Of what importance is the huge investment in Arts and Culture? Should the School Curriculum contains the Arts and Culture? Does any relationship exist between Culture and the School Curriculum? This are the questions that have been confronting proponents of Cultural rejuvenation in Africa. In response to this, this paper focuses on the need to integrate the Arts and Culture of the Nigerian Society into her School curriculum in order to fast-track her National Development. Against the foregoing, the concepts of Arts and Culture and School curriculum are copiously discussed. Furthermore, the need and how to integrate Arts and Culture into the School curriculum are presented. Also, related models for integration are discussed and the proposed stepwise process model is presented. The possibilities of integration of culture and the school curriculum are also established. However, the challenges that can possibly confront the proposed practice are highlighted in this paper with a view to providing prospects of cultural rejuvenation for National Integration and Sustainable Development.