Improvisation/Teaching AIDS: Aid to Effective Teaching of English Language


This paper stresses the need to make English language lessons easy and enjoyable through the use of instructional aid/improvisation. The poor performances in English language in most schools are the fact that the teaching of it is textbook dominated. Teachers do not have regular supply of the teaching aids and where they are available they are so inadequate and obsolete. The cost of purchasing of these visual aids is quite enormous. Unfortunately, though the Federal, States and schools private owners are aware of the importance of facilitating learning with teaching aids yet, they cannot do much because of high foreign exchange rate and the poorly monitored economy of the country. Besides the high foreign exchange rate, is the fact that some of the visual aids do not readily rtae, fit into the cultural milleu of the users. It therefore becomes necessary for teachers and facilitators to improvise aids so as to bridge the gap between learners real world and the abstract foreign English language world.