Impact of Training and Retraining on Teachers’ Productivity: an Empirical Analysis of Public School in Calabar South, Nigeria


This study was carried out to determine the effect of training and retraining on teachers’ productivity in public secondary schools in Calabar South Local Government Area in Cross River State. A survey research was conducted and questionnaire administered to 99 subjects drawn from six public secondary schools in proportion to the numbers of teachers per school. Pearson Product Moment Correlation statistical analysis was utilized to test the four hypotheses guiding the study. The findings reveal significant relationship between training and retraining and productivity of teachers in terms of punctuality to school, organizing extra-lessons for students, timely submission of examination grades and participation in extra-curricula activities. The study recommended adequate budgetary allocation for training and retraining of teachers, ensuring frequent training and retraining programmes are conducted and redesigning of existing programmes among others as catalysts for improvement of standard of education, through increased teachers’ productivity in school organization.