Female Gender in Professional Education, Nigeria


This paper discusses the issue of female gender in professional education, surveying which entails the general studies and female gender that looks at the past from the perspective of gender, it is in many ways, an out growth of women’s history in general and the impact within the profession such as the American historical association. (American Historical Review 91 no 5 “December 1986”) The professional education in surveying, What does “education for all” mean and why does it matter? i The right of access to professional education in surveying. ii The right to quality of professional education in surveying. iii The right to respect within the learning environment of surveying. Discussing the challenges that is the statistical discrimination of female gender in professional education challenges female gender faces in our institutions knowing what the future holds for the female gender in surveying profession, also equality is it really a challenge to female gender in survey profession. Feminist; who they are and who can be one? Inspiration as a key that open and liberates the mind thence a sudden intuition as part of solving a problems in survey professional education and promoting gender equality and empowering women as a goal to global agenda. Finally creating a way of evaluation in survey profession.