Entrepreneurial Capacity Building in the Universal Basic Education Programme


The briefs so far released by the Federal Ministry of Education and made available to the public say little about the products of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Scheme with respect to those who, for cognitive or financial reasons cannot continue beyond that level. This paper examines the question, “after completing the UBE programme, what is the next thing for the terminal candidates?” What policy provisions are on ground to take care of the products of the Scheme, of which the first batch is expected in 2008? The paper posits that the answer lies in the basic thrust of the National Policy on Education (the various editions), which is education for self-reliance. Self-reliance is better cultivated and established in the individual through entrepreneurial education, which this paper recommends as a policy thrust for all youths who go through the UBE programme. Entrepreneurship has multipliers potentials, which implies not just goodness to the individual entrepreneur but goodness to the rest of the society.