English Language: a Veritable Instrument for Fostering Teachers’ Education in Nigeria


The paper examined teachers’ education in relation to English Language. No nation can develop without proper education of its entire citizens while the teacher stands out as the coordinator of all the living resources in the school system. The teachers’ role is unquantifiable. Right from the formative years to the higher institutions, the teacher is there to inform, reform, mould, re-mould, instruct the learner, develop his three domains and to finally bring out the best in him while he contributes his own quota to his own development and that of the Nation. The focus of this paper, therefore, was to provoke rethinking and stimulate renewed discourse on English Language as a veritable instrument for fostering teachers’ education in Nigeria and proffer solutions that will help prospective teachers to use English Language for both oral and written communication that will meet both national and international standards of correctness and intelligibility without recourse to what would be acceptable by Nigerian standards but incorrect by global standards, such that at the end, the society and generations yet unborn will benefit immensely.