Effect of Inadequate School Plant on Academic Performance of Nigerian Secondary School Students


The Nigerian education system is grappling with a plethora of problems which seem to defy solution over the years, chief among such problems is gross inadequacy in quality of facilities available to students in Nigerian secondary schools, and the haphazard citing of such schools occasionally in places that are not easily accessible or even places that are susceptible to ambient noise interference. The foregoing situation has had its backlash effects on academic performance of students as evidenced by dwindling academic performance. It has also culminated in an emerging trend of parental [reference for schools, however these private schools and most parents can hardly afford the extravagant fees they charge. Therefore the thrust of this paper is to identify causes of inadequate school plant in Nigerian secondary schools proffer solution such as: increased government subvention payable to schools; renovation of all school buildings by government; and provision of adequate IT facilities among other government interventions .