Assessment Techniques and English Language Teachers’ Extent of Emphasis in Schools


Worried by the incessant poor performance of students in English Language, this paper looks at the problem of over-bearing emphases on paper and pen assessments by teachers while learners are unable to apply the knowledge gained in real life situation. The purpose of the study was to find out the different assessment techniques employed by English Language teachers in schools and to determine the extent of emphases placed on these techniques. The sampled subjects for the study were 58 language teachers. Findings revealed that language teachers lay Very Much Emphases (VME) on the traditional assessment techniques like periodic test, essay test, punctuality, and note-book evaluation with less emphasis on project work, interview, questionnaire and practical work. Based on the findings, it was recommended that language teachers need seminars and conferences where they could be taught how to use the Less-Emphasized (LE) and Never Emphasized (NE) assessment techniques in schools.