An Assessment of Parents’ attitudes towards Girl-Child Education in Kaduna State as Percieved by Teachers and School Principals


The study investigated the attitudes of parents’ towards girl-child education in Kaduna State as perceived by teachers and school principals. The population of the study consists of all the school principals and secondary school teachers in Kaduna State. The instrument used in collecting data was questionnaire. Four Null hypotheses were postulated and tested using percentages and standard deviation as descriptive and t-test as inferential statistics to test the opinions of the respondents. From the findings of this study, three hypotheses were rejected while one was accepted. It was however discovered that preference of male over female education is common in the society and poverty is a major factor in terminating girl-child education in Kaduna State. In addition, it was discovered that government participation is still inadequate to facilitate change in the area. On these bases, the researcher recommends the urgent intervention of government to implement the laws governing girl-child education so as to enhance and change the negligence of girl-child education as provisioned in national policy on and provide equal access to education.